KingRex preamp KingRex T20U KingRex PSU KingRex USB DAC KingRex USB DAC
KingRex PreAmp
Hybrid design with
Diamond Buffer Circuit
KingRex T20U
Tripath TA-2020 amplifier
with integral USB DAC
Power Supply Unit
Audiophile 12V PSU upgrade for amplifiers and DACs
Pocket-sized Digital-Analog Converter with big sound
KingRex PREference
All new reference grade
two box pre amplifier


NEW: Reference grade two-box pre-amp. Click for details . . .

Efficient Tripath amplifiers, DACS and power supplies tuned for valve-smooth delivery.

KingRex audio technology is the perfect partner to a computer front-end system, with a
superbly cost-effective entry point in the T20U (just add a bitstream and speakers) and an audiophile
upgrade path with dedicated PSU and preamp which stands comparison with any sub-£1K amplification currently available.

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